Current Rig: Akai APC40, Roland TR-8, Roland MC-202, Kenton USB Solo, Ableton Live...

Category: Electronic Music Instruments
Author: Sean O'Donnell
Mon, Jul. 25th, 2016 @ 15:24:48 (MDT)

Kenton USB Solo w/ Ableton Live, MC-202, APC40, and TR-8. Analog and Digital, in-sync.

I recently picked-up a Roland MC-202 from my old music partner. While the mc-202 isn't the greatest of all microsynths, it still holds some value to me for basslines. Also, this was his original mc-202 that I used extensively back when we would play live at parties together, back in the 1996 era, so it was nice that he kept it in the family, so to say.

Unfortunately, I don't have all the gear that I had back then, and no other "analog" devices in my current (minimal) set-up, so in order to get this to sync w/ my current MIDI-only set-up, I had to get an MIDI-DIN converter. Since my main source/DAW is mostly USB-driven, the Kenton USB Solo was an ideal solution for this setup, and only $250, compared to some other options I would have had that would have been more expensive, or limited. I can now program the mc202 via CV/Gate, or simply sync it to ableton live via the DIN sync cable.

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